In order to keep everyone in touch with what is happening with all the family members, this new "Announcements" section has been created. It will be the place to check up and see what's going on with everyone. That would include events happening that you would like to announce - for example - births, marriages, deaths, graduations, relocations, milestones, trips, links, etc. .. anything at all!!

Send along any announcement you would like to see on here to to have it added.

Spotlight: Schedrin: The Story As It Is Best Remembered
April 2006

This was originally the frontpage of the original website before I got the gumption to update it to include the Family Genealogy and other interesting news and events shared by other members of the Family. This is an adaptation of the original written by Dr. Jay Epstein (Harriet Sue Levinson, Risse "Rose" Weiner, Boruch Weiner, Joesf Chaim Weiner) and submitted to the Mishpoteh back in 1997, and was the main page and focus of the original website. If you are interested in an excellent historical read, please point your favorite web browser to this link.

Spotlight: Marnie Levine's Trip to Wales
January 2006

Marnie went to Wales to hike Snowdon and filed a trip report with us for the web site. We are including it here with a link to the page that contains the trip report, as its very detailed and filled with interesting information about Wales, the climb, and everything along the way. To read the trip report, please point your favorite web browser to this link.

Spotlight: Weiner & Co. Reunion
August 19 - 21, 2005

All the planning, coordinating, and hard work was really worth the effort, and a fantastic time was had by everyone that attended the Reunion! Many thanks to everyone involved in putting it together - your time invested truly made it a memorable event.

Pictures from the photographer will be posted as soon as they become available. In the meantime, if you would like any of the pictures posted that you took during the Reunion, please send them to

There is a Reunion Gallery for the pictures which can be seen by clicking here: Reunion Gallery

With so many relatives getting together, we're sure there are some memorable happenings and stories that can be shared about your recent visit - send them along! Everyone would be interested in how your visit was!

It was brought to our attention that there may be incomplete or inaccurate information on the genealogy site. If your information is not correct, or if you have any additions/pictures, etc. that you would like to have made, please get in touch with us and we can make corrections and alterations. We would like to keep the information as complete and accurate as possible, along with photographs, etc., so we need to depend on you for your help. Also, if you can provide any information that is not listed, send it in so it can be added! This information should be sent to

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